Alpha Chapter Executive Board
Mr. Alex Clark, president
Mr. Paul McGlew, vice-president
Mr. Christopher Dobens, treasurer
Mr. Jackson Davis, secretary
Mr. Tyler Ramirez, historian
Mr. Logan Reever, seargent-at-arms


Mr. Julian Baeza Hochmuth
Mr. Allister Baudoin
Mr. Christian Bergren-Aragon
Mr. Tyler Breen
Mr. Darian Carpenter
Mr. Jacob Caron
Mr. Donnie Collins
Mr. Nic Damasio
Mr. Conor Doolin
Mr. Daniel Dranoff
Mr. Maxwell Enright
Mr. Kevin Estavanik
Mr. Paul Hoover
Mr. Tyler Lavoie
Mr. John Lewis
Mr. John Mukai
Mr.. Alex McCormick
Mr. Seamus McGorray
Mr. Courtland Noble
Mr. Daniel Riva
Mr. Andrew Schlebecker
Mr. Jake Schwartz
Mr. Brendan Scully
Mr. Alex Sieklicki
Mr. Andrew Skeels
Mr. Ryan Sweeney
Mr. Derek Thomson
Mr. Evan Walsh
Mr. Greg Wayne
Mr. David Weiner
Mr. Sam Weisberg
Mr. Ethan Weiser

Faculty Advisor
Mr. Matthew Finn

Brotherhood Bios

Julian Baeza Hochmuth (2017)
Pledge Class: Fall 2013
This Sound Design and Audio Post Production Major splits his time between producing and releasing electronic music under the name Beeza and working as a freelance sound designer. Before arriving at Emerson, Julian had created sound design pieces for feature length movie trailers like The Call, White House Down, Only God Forgives, and, most notably, Pacific Rim. . Having this portfolio going in to college was part of what attracted him to Phi Alpha Tau. He wanted to be connected with like-minded, professionals who could help him succeed. Less than a week after the pledge process ended, he was already getting offers for projects and sound collaborations with members of the active brotherhood. For Julian, that was part of the point of joining Tau; getting connected with people who could use his unique skill set and challenge him. The end goal for Julian is doing sound design and scoring for film.

Christian Bergren-Aragon (2015)
Pledge Class: Spring 2012
 Christian Bergren-Aragon hails from Glenwood Springs, CO which was named in 2011 as the most fun town in America accordingly to Rand McNally the map-making company. Christian likes to believe that because he was raised in the most fun town in America, he too is a very fun and outgoing person. Studying Journalism with an emphasis in Broadcast at Emerson College, he joined Phi Alpha Tau during his Freshman year because he had always longed for a group of men that cared so deeply about one another. To him, Tau is more than a group of men that simply interact socially, it is an organization that fosters love. Each brother is personally invested in the success of the gentlemen to his left and to his right. While at Emerson, Christian has worked for both EIV News at 6 and 9 as an anchor and a reporter, respectively. He has lead two national social media campaigns, one to meet his idol Matt Lauer (#ChristianBAonToday) and one to raise money for a fellow brother in need of a medical surgery. This past year, he started a production company (gr8m8 Productions) with two fellow brothers, Courtland Noble and Brendan Scully. This summer they will be traveling the US in an effort to answer the question to one question: What Unites America? Christian would like to dedicate this life to his grandfather, Alvin Bergren.

Darian Carpenter (2015)
Pledge Class: Fall 2013
Darian currently attends Emerson College as a Film Production Major in the Visual and Media Arts Department. Growing up in Southern Massachusetts, Darian knew that he had to strive and reach new heights both in knowledge and experience if he wanted to make it in the industry. With a passion for many creative outlets like music, fashion and performance; Darian finds that he has a surplus of areas to thrive in. Working as both a Resident Assistant on campus as well as a Social Media and Video Assistant for ArtsEmerson, he finds a balance within professionalism and self-expression. Look out for him, as he hopes to travel the world and work in creating new, exciting productions.

Alex Clark (2016)
Pledge Class: Spring 2013
Alex is a sophomore Studio Television Production Major in the Visual and Media Arts Department and is also working towards a Marketing Minor. On campus, Alex has held production and talent roles on the Emerson Channel, and is a part of the EVVY Awards. Alex is also a Student Ambassador for Emerson College and is the Student Brand Manager of Chipotle on the Emerson campus. He spent his summer as a production intern at VIA, a marketing agency based in Portland, Maine and is currently studying at Kasteel Well. In the future, Alex hopes to pursue a production position at MTV.

Donald Collins (2015)
Pledge Class: Spring 2013
A Screenwriting Major at Emerson College, he is currently working on several personal projects, including a feature film script, and several television specs. Over the last three years, Mr. Collins has worked as a Technical Assistant at the Paramount Theatre’s Office of the Arts, a Student Ambassador for Emerson College’s Visitor’s Center, and is currently a Resident Assistant in the Little Building. He was drawn to Phi Alpha Tau by his admiration for the active brothers and their creative accomplishments, as well as his desire for a social and professional support network. He pledged the fraternity in Spring 2013. Tau went on to fundraise over $21,000 to help Mr. Collins afford a gender-confirming surgery, the excess of which he and the brotherhood pledged to the Jim Collins Foundation (no relation) to help other trans* people in need. Mr. Collins also does occasional transgender advocacy work, having most recently given a talkback at Wesleyan University with fellow-brother John Lewis.

Nic Damasio (2016)
Pledge Class: Fall 2013
Nic Damasio is a Sound Design/Audio Post-Production student from Hanover, Massachusetts. He spent his freshman year of college studying Biology at Emmanuel College but transferred to Emerson to pursue his love of music and sound. Nic is a Brazilian American who speaks three languages and spent two years of his life living in Brazil. Nic has worked as a server at Bertucci’s and Finale. Some of his interests include music, going to shows and festivals, and DJing. He is part of the Fall 2013 Pledge Class of Phi Alpha Tau and was interested in joining for the idea of brotherhood and the unwavering support system that it provides. Being in Tau has already benefited Nic in so many ways. It has already given him a better college experience, friendship, and professionalism. He is excited to see where it will take him in the years to come.

Jackson Davis (2017)
Pledge Class: Fall 2013
This B.A. Film major is a proud member of the Fall 2013 Pledge Class of Phi Alpha Tau. Joining as a first-semester Freshman, Tau was one of the first organizations he joined, though he plans on getting much more involved in various organizations across Emerson College throughout the next four years here. Jackson grew up in New York, where he was heavily involved in the drama and film programs at his high school. When asked what he plans on doing with his career after Emerson, he likes to say that he has no idea but he can’t wait to find out. He knows that whatever he chooses to do, Tau will guide him every step of the way.

Christopher Dobens (2016)
Fall 2013 Pledge Class
A Marketing Communications major with a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies, he is currently employed by Housing and Residence Life as a Resident Assistant and in the Media Services Center as a Media Assistant. Currently, he holds no leadership positions at Emerson College, however he does hope to one day be on the Executive Board of the fraternity. In terms of leadership qualities, he is a very driven student who is constantly looking for a challenge and an opportunity to show that he can succeed. He plans on pursuing a philanthropic career path to continue giving to those in need, especially after becoming a creator of the Boston Strong T-shirt Campaign. The main reason why Chris wanted to join Phi Alpha Tau was to have a sense of brotherhood. He wanted a reliable group of gentlemen who would support me in my endeavors and teach him what they have to offer because they care. He now have this incredible group of men in his life who know how to deal with business, but know how to be the best friends that he’s always wanted.

Conor Doolin (2015)
Pledged Fall of 2011
Conor Doolin has had the pleasure of being the Executive Producer of over three different shows at his time at Emerson College. In addition to this, he has taken time out to practice his other passions such as Graphic Novels, by being the editor of the Magazine Artful Comics, for which numerous of his own works have been published. He currently is looking for a job somewhere in the Industry of Festivals and Film Distribution.

Kevin Estavanik (2015)
Pledge Class: Spring 2014
Kevin is a Studio Television Production Major from Middletown, NJ. He spent his first two years of college studying at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ before transferring to Emerson in the fall of 2013. Since his arrival, he has immersed himself in many on campus television organizations including the Emerson Channel and Emerson Independent Video. In the spring of 2014, Kevin worked crew on four shows, most notably as Technical Director on Good Morning Emerson and as Associate Director on EIV News at 9. At the end of the spring  2014 semester, Kevin will serve as the Tape Associate Director of the 33rd Annual EVVY Awards. He also works two on campus jobs including Technical Support Specialist in the Tufte Television Facilities and Director of Photography for Emerson Productions. When Kevin is not in the studio, you can find him on the Boston Common as he plays for Emerson’s World Cup Quidditch team and Captains Emerson’s intramural house league team the South End Slothbeats. Kevin decided to pursue Phi Alpha Tau after developing friendships with many members during his first semester on campus. Along with brotherhood, Tau provides him with a sense of professionalism and character he could not have gained elsewhere.

Paul Hoover (2015)
Pledge Class: Spring 2013
Paul is a BA Theatre Studies: Acting/Directing who remains very involved in theatrical organizations and productions around Emerson College. As an actor, he has performed in several Emerson Stage productions such as Big Love, The Grapes of Wrath, and Two Gentlemen of Verona (produced on the Cutler Majestic stage). Additionally, Paul has a strong interest in developing new student-written work, having taken leadership roles on new plays such as And Then He Painted the Sky (Executive Producer) and Okay: A Comedy (Director). What attracted Paul to Phi Alpha Tau was the opportunity to branch out of the theatre department and meet new people. He has enjoyed the brotherhood he shares with individuals he may never have met without the fraternity, and he remains an active participant in Tau’s many community outreach programs.

John Lewis (Fall 2014)
Pledge Class: Spring 2013
A Film Production major focusing on Directing and Cinematography, John is also a member of many organizations on campus such as Mercutio Troupe, Emerson Dance Company, and Emerson Ice Hockey. John is currently serving in his second year as a Resident Assistant for the Little Building. Outside of the classroom, John is employed in several positions around campus and Boston. He is a lighting and sound technician for the Emerson Cabaret, a lighting director and videographer for Emerson Productions, and he is also an intern videographer for Together PAC, the Political committee of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. John hopes to attend the Emerson LA Program in the fall of 2014 and graduate that December; after which he aspires to fulfill his dream of working in Hollywood on feature films both in front and behind the camera.

Paul McGlew (2015)
Pledge Class: Spring 2013.
A senior Acting Major with minors in History and Post-Colonial Studies, Paul has performed on campus in both student and main stage productions, including those with the Emerson Stage, Emerson Shakespeare Society, Mercutio, Kidding Around, and RareWorks. Once a daytime dj on WERS, Paul also holds leadership positions on the executive boards of both Emerson Shakespeare Society (Director of Programing) and Phi Alpha Tau. Paul works for the Office of the Arts as an usher at events in Emerson’s main theaters and is Student Ambassador Supervisor for Emerson College.Paul became interested in Tau after hearing of their good works and the interpersonal connections it offered. Having joined the fraternity, he has gained more knowledge about the history of the college itself and a clearer sense of his intended post-graduate direction.

John Michael Mukai (2016)
Pledge Class: Spring 2014
John Michael Mukai has been involved in theatre at Emerson since his Freshman year and is a member of Mercutio Troupe. He has been in many productions including Spring Awakening, J.B., and a student written show, Flapjack!.  He also dances for Emerson Dance Company and Paradise Lost Movement Collective.  He joined Phi Alpha Tau in order to find brotherhood, better himself as a professional, and for the challenge of the pledge process.

Courtland Noble (2015)
Pledge Class: Fall 2013
There are a few things in life that absolutely astonish him. The fact that he is a conscious being with feelings, thoughts, and logic is one of these things. Less philosophically are the things that get him out of bed in the morning. These include animation, technology, nature, and a drive to learn more every day. Emerson has furthered these fascinations exponentially by allowing him to get involved in so many great organizations. For most of the ones with which he is involved, he design graphics—both motion and static—and he has realized he want to pursue a career in design because of his involvement in these groups. This year, he’ll be leading the team that will be creating the graphics for the 33rd Annual EVVY Awards. Additionally, he has joined Phi Alpha Tau and he already can’t see his life without it. It has given him some of the greatest relationships of his life and the comfort of having dependable and equally-passionate friends.

Andy Schlebecker (2015)
Pledge Class: Fall 2012
Andy is a Film Production student who wants to go into children’s television. As a kid, Andy would wake up at 7am every Saturday morning to absorb all the mind-numbing genius of the cartoons of the late 90’s. Now, he wants to one day make one himself. For the past year and a half, Andy has been writing and rewriting the concept and screenplays of his very own animated kids’ series with his best friend, Ali. Now on draft 55, they are planning a staged reading of its pilot this coming December. On campus, Andy directs two television shows and associate produces a third, is the segment producer of the EVVYs, and has spent his extra time planning his animated BFA thesis. His dream would be to one day work at Nickelodeon.

Logan Reever (2017)
Pledge Class: Fall 2013
Currently a broadcaster for Emerson Channel Sports, Logan is also aWeb Writer and Correspondent for WEBN Sports, Sports Reporter for EIV News at 6, Writer for EIV News at 9, and Panelist for Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Logan became interested in Tau based on the connections he could conceive making for future professions and with the knowledge that this organization would prepare him for the real world. Tau has already benefited him by giving me life-long friends in such a short period of time already. It also has given him a sense of what kind of self-conduct and the amount of work necessary for success.

Jake Schwartz (2017)
Pledge Class: Fall 2013
As a first semester Freshman, Jake has been joining a few of the filmmaking organizations and has been working on getting hired to work on some student film productions. He decided to pledge for Tau because of the focus on professionalism and the character of the current active brotherhood. So far, Tau has gained him an internship at the Political Action Committee for Gov. Deval Patrick as a Post-Production Intern.

Brendan Scully (2015)
Pledge Class: Spring 2012
As Journalism Major with a Literature Minor, Brendan was the Dr. David Brudnoy Memorial Award Co-Chair during the 2012-2013 school year as well as the Social Chair for the 2012-2013 academic calendar and recieved the Harry and Doris Brudnoy Memorial Scholarship in 2013. He has been involved in many on campus organizations, such as 88.9 WERS, Emerson Independent Video, and the EVVY’s. Currently he is a culture writer for em-magazine, an Emerson publication, as well as a mentor at the Best Buddiesprogram. This past summer he interned at Voice of America in Washington D.C. and currently spends most of his weekends working at Saus, a “Belgian street food”-inspired diner in Boston’s Faneuil Hall. Becoming a brother of Phi Alpha Tau has without a doubt been the best decision he has made at Emerson College. Phi Alpha Tau has greatly benefited him in nearly every aspect of his life personally and professionally wise. Words truly can’t describe how proud he is to be connected with such great, loving, and driven men that are sure to be lifelong friends.

Ryan Sweeney (2015)
Pledge Class: Fall 2011
Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Ryan has been an active brother of Phi Alpha Tau since his first semester freshman year and is a BFA Stage and Production Management. He currently serves as the fraternity’s secretary. On campus, Ryan has held a variety of roles on both student and main stage productions, including those with the Musical Theatre Society, the EVVY Awards, and Emerson Stage. He also served as a member of the 2013-2014 Undergraduate Orientation Core Staff, planning Orientation for the thousand plus new students that arrived on campus this past Fall. Ryan works in the Performing Arts Admissions office, assisting prospective students in their audition and application process; and in the box office of the Lyric Stage Company. He is also the Assistant to the Senior Production Manager in the Office of the Arts, and the development intern at the American Repertory Theater. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, reading, and traveling. He hopes to pursue a career in Arts Administration.

Ethan Weiser (2015)
Pledge Class: Fall 2012
A junior BA Film Production major with a minor in writing, he is involved in productions with Musical Theater Society, Rareworks Theater Company, Shakespeare Society, Kidding Around, and Emerson Dance Company. He is also the Executive Producer of the program Common Agenda on the Emerson Channel. He currently works at the Television Studios as a Technical Support Specialist. His interest in Tau came through the organizations professionalism, and the member’s abilities to gain leadership positions throughout the college. He has since become immersed in the brotherhood aspect of the fraternity, and some of his best friends have both come from within the organization, and have joined after him. Phi Alpha Tau has helped Ethan gain a huge amount of professional experience with connections that have leaded him to many leadership positions, as well as personal connections that have been some of the most important of his life.

David Weiner (2016)
Pledge Class: Spring 2013
David Weiner is a Journalism major with a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. He holds the position of Sergeant At Arms on the Executive Board of Phi Alpha Tau. He currently works for EIV News at 6 as an Associate Feature Producer and Reporter. David is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and Noteworthy, the oldest a Capella group at Emerson. David currently does freelance photography and writing for Security Service Specialists, a high profile special security business and has worked professionally in radio in his home state of Kansas. David became interested in Tau after observing the professionalism and brotherhood of the fraternity at social and philanthropic events. Tau has provided him with a wonderful support group of friends, business partners, mentors and brothers. He says that to date, pledging Tau has been his best decision since coming to Emerson College.

Sam Weisberg (2017)
Pledge Class: Fall 2013
Sam Weisberg is a Theatre Studies: Directing major. At Emerson, he’s hoping to work on new and avant-garde plays and musical theatre, and is very interested in working on theatre that is cross-genre. Outside of theatre, he also has very strong interests in music and food. His interest in Tau arose primarily from his appreciation and high-esteem of the active brotherhood on campus, as well as the opportunities for networking in such an active and professional community of men. His experience in Tau has exceeded his expectations, and, more than just a professional network, he feels that he has truly gained a group of brothers. Going forward, Sam has big plans at Emerson and beyond, and knows that his brothers in Tau will be integral to their fruition.