“The Connor Award was first given to Brother Connor in 1952 for his outstanding devotion to the fraternity and the communicative arts. Since then, to honor his memory, the fraternity has sought out men who throughout a lifetime of service, have excelled in their chosen field and furthered the communicative arts on a national stage. The Connor Award is the fraternity’s highest commendation. All recipients are inducted into Phi Alpha Tau and bestowed Honorary Brotherhood.”

Year Recipient Title
1953 Edward R. Murrow Broadcast Journalist
1954 William Cunningham Sports Writer
1955 Joseph N. Welch Lawyer
1956 Elliot Norton Drama Critic
1957 Gen. Carlos Romulo Ambassador
1958 Elia Kazan Director
1959 Robert Frost Poet
1960 Arthur Fiedler Conductor
1961 Red Skelton Comic
1963 Robert W. Sarnoff Television Executive
1964 Edward W. Brooke United States Senator
1966 Walter Cronkite Broadcast Journalist
1967 Erwin D. Canham Editor
1968 John McCormack Speaker of the House, United States Congress
1970 Henry Cabot Lodge Ambassador
1971 George Plimpton Author
1975 Yul Brynner Actor
1976 Arch Macdonald Broadcast Journalist
1977 David Hartman Broadcast Journalist
1978 Jack Lemmon Actor
1980 Carl Reiner Comedy Writer
1982 Hugh Downs Broadcast Journalist
1983 Bob Keeshan Children’s Television Personality
1986 Thomas Leahy Television Executive
1987 Mark Goodson Television Producer
1990 John Williams Composer
1990 Edward Bernays Father of Public Relations
1992 Gene Burns Radio Personality
1997 Gary Grossman Producer
1999 Neil Gaiman Author
2002 Robert Parker Author (inducted Spring 03)
2003 Frank Oz Entertainer and Director
2007 Keith Lockhart Conductor
2009 Dennis Lehane Author
2010 David Burnett Photojournalist
2011 Chris Montan Music Executive
2012 Alvin Epstein Actor & Director