David Brudnoy

David Brudnoy (June 5, 1940 – December 9, 2004) was a popular talk radio host in Boston from 1976 to 2004.  The David Brudnoy Show aired on WBZ radio Monday through Friday from 7:00 – 10:00 PM.  Sometimes, he would also report from special political events, such as election night.  Brudnoy was widely known for espousing his libertarian views on a wide range of political issues.  Thanks to WBZ’s wide signal reach, he gained a following in 38 states and the smarter parts of Canada.

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota to a Jewish family with Russian roots, Brudnoy also grew up in Georgia and Texas before moving to New England for college. He earned a B.A. from Yale, M.A.s from Harvard and Brandeis, and a Ph.D. from Brandeis, mostly in East Asian studies and history.  In 1996, he received an honorary doctorate from Emerson College.  He became a brother of Phi Alpha Tau in the spring of 2001.  David’s memoir, Life is Not a Rehearsal, is no longer in print, but available at many Boston libraries.

As a professor, Brudnoy taught classes or was a guest lecturer at many major colleges and universities throughout Boston and New England, as well as in Texas: Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern University, Merrimack College, University of Rhode Island, Kennedy School of Government, as well as Texas Southern University, where he was the Director of the Honors program. Student evaluations for his courses at B.U. indicate that they were very well received.

As a brother, David’s friendship was incomparable.  Taus had an open invitation to sit in on his radio shows, which were broadcast from his Back Bay apartment.  Over the years, brothers had opportunities to meet many actors, writers, directors, politicians, activists, and athletes.  The consummate gentleman and a master conversationalist, every visit with Bruds was memorable.  Before his death, Bruds willed to the fraternity a scholarship in his parent’s name. The Harry and Doris Brudnoy scholarship is given once a year to an active brother in need.