Brother Joseph E. Connor

A brother of the fraternity who enrolled at Emerson College in 1915. He left the College before finishing his degree to volunteer in 1917 for the medical corp in World War I. He would return to teach at Emerson, staying on the faculty for the rest of his life. He was the fraternity’s advisor for 22 years, up until the years during the War, when the Alpha Chapter lapsed. During his time as secretary for the National Council, he was instrumental in making the fraternity national.

Connor was given a lifetime achievement award at a banquet held in his honor by the school; he died the following fortnight. Since then, to honor his memory, the fraternity has sought out men who, on a national level, throughout a lifetime of service, have excelled in their chosen field. The first recipient of the Connor Award was Edward R. Murrow; the most recent, in March 2011, was Chris Montan, music executive.

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