Announcing The 2016-2017 Phi Alpha Tau Alumni Board

The votes have been counted and below is the Alumni Board for 2016-2017.

Term expires June 2020:
Mr. Brad Dye
Mr. Jesse Liebman
Mr. Seamus George
Mr. Juan Sebastian Hernandez

Term expires June 2019:
Mr. Walker Dieckmann
Mr. Eric Frishman
Mr. Eric Linger
Mr. Neill MacLeod-Hunter
Mr. Stephen Smoller

Term expires June 2018:
Mr. Joseph Awgul
Mr. Jeff Coons
Mr. Jerry Jette
Mr. Jeff Penfield
Mr. James Sligh
Mr. Andrew Schlebecker

Sustaining Members:
Mr. David Cutter
Mr. Thomas Santangelo
Mr. Lucas Smolic
Mr. Roman Sturgis

Should you have any questions, please email Brad Dye at

Click here to register in the upcoming Alumni Board election!

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