Announcing The 2016-2017 Phi Alpha Tau Alumni Board

The votes have been counted and below is the Alumni Board for 2016-2017.

Term expires June 2020:
Mr. Brad Dye
Mr. Jesse Liebman
Mr. Seamus George
Mr. Juan Sebastian Hernandez

Term expires June 2019:
Mr. Walker Dieckmann
Mr. Eric Frishman
Mr. Eric Linger
Mr. Neill MacLeod-Hunter
Mr. Stephen Smoller

Term expires June 2018:
Mr. Joseph Awgul
Mr. Jeff Coons
Mr. Jerry Jette
Mr. Jeff Penfield
Mr. James Sligh
Mr. Andrew Schlebecker

Sustaining Members:
Mr. David Cutter
Mr. Thomas Santangelo
Mr. Samuel Skemp
Mr. Lucas Smolic
Mr. Roman Sturgis

Should you have any questions, please email Brad Dye at syberringo(at)

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